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Charm Necklace

Charms are the primary long term progression in Popup Dungeon. Charms can be obtained for free from tokens awarded based on performance in a run, purchased with gold from the tokenator, or from combining charms together. Up to 5 charms can be equipped and active at a time. They provide minor to major bonuses that apply to all party members across all runs. They range in rankings from lowest at plastic to highest at Perfect Diamond, which determines the potency of their bonus, as well as the effect they have on the dynamic difficulty of encounters.

Non-Unique Charm List

Name Image Description
Aim Charm Gold Aim Charm.jpg Increases Aim of all party members.
Armor Penetration Charm Gold Armor Penetration Charm.jpg Increases Armor Penetration of all party members.
Back Defense Charm Gold Back Defense Charm.jpg Increases Back Defense of all party members.
Back Power Charm Gold Back Power Charm.jpg Increases Back Power of all party members.
Cover Charm Gold Cover Charm.jpg Increases Cover of all party members.
Damage Absorption Charm Gold Damage Absorption Charm.jpg Party Members absorb a set amount of damage per round.
Damage Reflect Charm Gold Damage Reflect Charm.jpg Increases Damage Reflect of all party members.
Defense Charm Gold Defense Charm.jpg Increases defense of all party members.
Evasion Charm Gold Evasion Charm.jpg Increases evasion of all party members.
Flank Defense Charm Gold Flank Defense Charm.jpg Increases Flank Defense of all party members.
Flank Power Charm Gold Flank Power Charm.jpg Increases Flank Power of all party members.
Focus Charm Gold Focus Charm.jpg Increases Focus of all party members.
Front Defense Charm Gold Front Defense Charm.jpg Increases Front Defense of all party members.
Front Power Charm Gold Front Power Charm.jpg Increases Front Power of all party members.
Haste Charm Gold Haste Charm.jpg Increases Haste of all party members.
Healing Charm Gold Healing Charm.jpg Heals all party members per round.
Healing Received Charm Gold Healing Received Charm.jpg Increases Healing Received of all party members.
Health Charm Gold Health Charm.jpg Increases health of all party members.
Imbue Damage Charm Gold Imbue Damage Mundane Fire Charm.jpg Damage dealt by party members deal additional damage of a specific source and type.
Imbue Dispel Charm Gold Imbue Dispel Charm.jpg Damage dealt by party members dispels buff potency per damage dealt.
Imbue Kill Charm Gold Imbue Kill Charm.jpg Damage dealt by party members has a chance of killing per damage dealt.
Imbue Statistic Charm Gold Imbue Statistic Health Charm.jpg Damage dealt by party members lowers a specified statistic of a target per damage dealt.
Imbue Status Charm Gold Imbue Status Stun Charm.jpg Damage dealt by party members has a chance of inflicting a status per damage dealt.
Initiative Charm Gold Initiative Charm.jpg Increase Initiative of all party members.
Life Siphon Charm Gold Life Siphon Charm.jpg Increase Life Siphon of all party members.
Mobility Charm Gold Mobility Charm.jpg Increase Mobility of all party members.
Power Charm Gold Power Charm.jpg Increase Power of all party members.
Purging Charm Gold Purging Charm.jpg Purges all party members removing debuffs at the start of each round.
Readiness Charm Gold Readiness Charm.jpg Increases the number of initiative rolls party members take (keep highest roll).
Reflexes Charm Gold Reflexes Charm.jpg Increase Reflexes of all party members.
Resistance Charm Gold Resistance Charm.jpg Increase Resistance of all party members.
Source Defense Charm Gold Mundane Defense Charm.jpg Increase Mundane/Magical Defense of all party members.
Speed Charm Gold Speed Charm.jpg Increase Speed of all party members.
Stability Charm Gold Stability Charm.jpg Increase Stability of all party members.
Status Defense Charm Gold Status Defense Charm.jpg Increase Status Defense of all party members.
Support Charm Gold Support Charm.jpg Increase Support of all party members.
Surprise Charm Gold Surprise Charm.jpg Increases the number of initiative rolls enemies take (keep lowest roll).

Unique Charm List

Name Image Description
Blacksmith's Charm Blacksmith's Charm.jpg Prevents equipment quality from degrading and improves equipment upgrade hammers.

Increases chances of finding higher quality equipment.

Binoculars Charm Binoculars Charm.jpg Increases max range of all abilities by 1.
Bull Charm Bull Charm.jpg Significantly increases evasion and mobility for the first round of combat.

Removes ability to position party members prior to starting battle.

Covetous Charm Covetous Charm.jpg Increases received gold by 100%
Economizer Charm Economizer Charm.jpg All abilities cost 1 less AP to activate.
Knight's Charm Knight's Charm.jpg Increases statistics granted by equipment by 30%
M.I.N.E.D. Charm M.I.N.E.D. Charm.jpg Increases Aim & Focus by 50%. Grants 1 temporary ability at the start of each party member's turn.
Prodigious Charm Prodigious Charm.jpg Increases amount of level up tomes received, as well as adding 1 additional option per tome.
Shape Shifter's Charm Shape Shifter's Charm.jpg All charms which affect party members also affect their transformations.
Summoner's Charm Summoner's Charm.jpg All charms which affect party members also affect their summons.
Sweet Water Charm Sweet Water Charm.jpg Resurrect & confuse fallen party members once per battle.
Tactician's Charm Tactician's Charm.jpg Increases deployment distance and protects against effects that lower it. Deployment ignores Obstacles.

Allows for the destruction of props during the deployment phase

Treasure Hunter's Charm Treasure Hunter's Charm.jpg Increases chance of finding higher ranked equipment.

Charm Token Prices

Rank Price
Plastic 1,000 Gold
Painted 2,000 Gold
Bronze 4,000 Gold
Silver 8,000 Gold
Gold 16,000 Gold
Flawed Crystal 32,000 Gold
Crystal 64,000 Gold
Rough Emerald 128,000 Gold
Flawed Emerald 256,000 Gold
Emerald 512,000 Gold
Rough Sapphire 1,024,000 Gold
Flawed Sapphire 2,048,000 Gold
Sapphire 4,096,000 Gold
Vivid Sapphire 8,192,000 Gold
Rough Alexandrite 16,384,000 Gold
Flawed Alexandrite 32,768,000 Gold
Alexandrite 65,536,000 Gold
Vivid Alexandrite 131,072,000 Gold
Superb Alexandrite 262,144,000 Gold
Rough Diamond 524,288,000 Gold
Flawed Diamond 1,048,576,000 Gold
Diamond 2,097,152,000 Gold
Vivid Diamond 4,194,304,000 Gold
Superb Diamond 8,388,608,000 Gold
Perfect Diamond 16,777,216,000 Gold


-Before beta: 0.986, there was a recipe to raise the level of a non-unique charm by sacrificing a unique charm to it.

-Before beta: 0.986, charm tokens when redeemed could scale down to a unique charm of any level below them.